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Music: Cesar Gonzmart and his Music of the Latin Quarter CD

This CD is a replica of an aum originally recorded live in the Siboney dining room of the Columbia Restaurant in Tampa's historic Ybor City circa 1959.

Cesar Gonzmart and his orchestra captivate the true rhythms of the "Latin Quarter" in this CD.

Cesar handles all of the vocals with one exception – "Black Magic," in which Bob Seville, permanent member of the orchestra, is featured on the tenor sax and vocal.

The orchestra used in most instances in this aum consists of piano, timbales, bongos, bass, tenor saxophone, three trumpets, and vocal with maracas.

We feel that this aum will be of particular enjoyment to the dancers, because, unlike so many instances where the beat plays a secondary part in the recording, placing the vocals as the primary function, in this case -- the voice becomes part of the entire organization.

Throughout each number, the rhythm has a solid beat, making it easier for the dancer to enjoy the music to its full extent.

This CD features 15 songs, 13 of them sung in Spanish, and 2 sung in English.

1. Tu A Mi Me Pertences
2. Preludio En Ritmo
3. Yo Tengo Una Muñeca
4. Fuiste Mala
5. Para Mi Negra Mambo Congo
6. Cada Vez Mas
7. Tu Corazon Para Mí
8. Su Sun Babae
9. Cuando Estoy Contigo
10. Que Murmuren
11. Las Tres Carabelas
12. Maldito De Mi
13. A Woman in Love
14. Black Magic
15. Anoche Te Soñe

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